Diamond Dogs

There’s a bit of backstory here, but for a couple of years, Chicago’s inventive and forward-looking Shanghai Low theatre group have been developing a stage version of my story Diamond Dogs. I’ve been very excited and impressed with the work so far, and was pleased to hear that a staged reading of the script was due to take place in Washington DC in March, in conjunction with the Taffety Punk Theatre. I couldn’t get over to DC in time for the reading – which was in any case delayed a little due to bad weather – but the event did indeed go ahead eventually, and by all accounts was both well attended and well received. My thanks to Steve Pickering and the Shanghai Low group, and the Taffety Punk people, and to all those who made it to the performance. I’m told that I had fans there from Maryland, who waited three hours for the event. Obviously this is but a step on the way to a full theatrical production, but it’s an encouraging one, and I look forward to further developments. Pictures below show the reading, and the cast and crew. Thank you to all involved, and those who came along for the night.









DD Cast and Crew


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