2050 – 2080: period of great expansion into the solar system. By 2069 twelve million people live off Earth; mainly around Earth and the Moon. Smaller settlements dotted around whole system, out to fringes of Kuiper Belt. Political fragmentation and social unrest follows massive breakthroughs in bio-sciences.




2081: increasingly violent police actions against rogue states lead to retaliatory actions; onset of war. Emergence of “chimeric” factions: heavily bio-engineered and cyborgized human splinter groups.




2083: ceasefire. Departure of flotilla of colony ships for 61 Cygni-A. At 1/8th of the speed of light, they will not arrive until the twenty-third century.




2090 – 2110: establishment of early colonies on a number of extrasolar planets via Von Neumann robots carrying fertilised human cells. Most such societies fail within two or three generations. End of so-called Amerikano era.




2110-2140: period of turmoil; solar system convulsed by more wars. Emergence of Demarchist states in 2141 signals new era of peace and prosperity. Solar luminosity begins to drop, heralding a new ice age on Earth.




2145 – Nevil Clavain born on Earth.




2155 – first Demarchist settlements around Jupiter. Great freeze sets in on Earth.




2161 – Sandra Voi leads first human expedition into Europa’s ocean




2178 – Great Wall of Mars project begins. Unease at extreme neural experiments being conducted under Demarchist aegis leads to formation of the Earth-based Coalition for Neural Purity; a military pact of conservative states opposed to further technological or social innovation.




2182 – first phase of GWOM completed. Demarchists distance themselves from the more radical factions.




2190 – Experimenters on Mars initiate Transenlightenment. Birth of Conjoiner faction and immediate onset of Coalition-Conjoiner war.




2191 – ceasefire in Conjoiner-Coalition war brokered by Sandra Voi.




2191 – 2205; Conjoiner quarantine period.




2205 – Galiana’s Conjoiners escape from Mars. First relativistic starship constructed and launched from Mars orbit.




2205 – 2250; period of great expansion; numerous interstellar colonies established; recontact with surviving settlements from Amerikano era.




2217 – Conjoiner expedition to Diadem. Discovery of Setterholm’s Worms.




2340 – Denizen uprising; fall of the Europan cities.




2338 – Bernsdottir discovers first Shroud.




2351 – Dan Sylveste born in Chasm City, Yellowstone.




2358 – Shiva-Parvati cordon crisis.




2372 – the Eighty.




2373 – Philip Lascaille’s encounter with the Shroud in the Trans Tau Ceti sector.




2378 – Hostage crisis around Fand.




2405 – Departure of Sylveste expedition to Lascaille’s Shroud.




2415 – Departure of Galiana and Clavain’s expedition into deep space.




2441 – Return of Sylveste’s expedition to Lascaille’s Shroud.




2460 – Dan Sylveste vanishes from Yellowstone for 30 days.




2491 – departure of Resurgam expedition.




2510 – Melding Plague afflicts Chasm City; effective end of Demarchist era.




2517 – Tanner Mirabel arrives in Chasm City.




2524 – Ana Khouri arrives in Chasm City.




2541 – arrival of “Voice of Evening” around Turquoise.




2551 – outbreak of Conjoiner-Demarchist war around Yellowstone. Establishment of Ferrisville Convention.




2566 – abduction of Sylveste from Resurgam.




2567 – expedition into Cerberus/Hades artefact; death of Dan Sylveste.




2582 – Clavain’s return from deep space.




2605 – Galiana’s return from deep space.




2615 – Clavain defects from the Conjoiners. Exploitation of grub technology, including inertia suppression machinery.




2633 – Confrontation between Clavain and Volyova around Delta Pavonis




2651 – arrival of Nostalgia for Infinity around p Eridani system




2673 – Irravel Veda recloned from herself.




2675 – departure of Nostalgia for Infinity from Ararat




2650 – 2850 – events of the human-Inhibitor war




2931 – meeting between Irravel Veda and representative of the Nestbuilder intelligence.




2950 – Emergence of the Green Wave. Systematic dismantling of many solar systems.




3354 – Irravel Veda buries Mirsky in interstellar space.




4161 – Irravel Veda in the Subaru Commonwealth.




40000 – humans abandon host galaxy.