“Reynolds nails both the family horror tone of the series and the characterisation of the regulars.” – SFX

Doctor Who is a long-running British television series – perhaps the longest running science fiction series. In 2013 the program celebrates its fiftieth anniversary – a remarkable achievement for something that was very nearly killed off on several occasions. As a child, I devoured the Target novelisations of earlier Doctor Who stories, and when the program was off the air in the 1990s, original Doctor Who novels served to keep the flame alive until the brand was reinvigorated in 2005.

Doctor Who has changed tremendously over the years, with many actors playing the titular time-travelling alien, a benevolent humanoid from the planet Gallifrey who has the capability to regenerate after serious injury. Most fans will identify strongly with “their” Doctor, the one that was on television when they were growing up, and most particularly when they were young enough to be terrified by the monsters.

As a lifelong fan myself, I was delighted when the chance arose to write a novel featuring the Third Doctor, as portrayed by Jon Pertwee between 1970 and 1974. I was also determined to set the book during the Doctor’s time with Jo Grant, and with the Master as one of the main characters.

The book was terrific fun to write and I hope it offers some pleasure to fans of the long-running series, and also serves as an introduction to the Whoniverse for those of my readers who might not have encountered it before.