I'm a science fiction writer based in Wales.

A former space scientist, I turned from studying pulsars and binary stars to fiction. I'm now the author of fourteen novels and more than sixty short stories. My work has been shortlisted for the Hugo and Arthur C Clarke awards, and I have won the Seiun and Sidewise awards.

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Forbidden Planet, Poseidon’s Wake, Slow Bullets

23 Apr 2015


With a new book due out at the end of the month, I ought to mention that I’ll be signing Poseidon’s Wake at Forbidden Planet, London, on the evening of April 30th.
Different people have different “rules” regarding signings. Generally the shop would like you to buy at least …

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Looking at the January 2015 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction

22 Jan 2015

Over on my old blog – which I’m going to keep for more in-depth stuff like this – I’ve taken a long-ish look at the fiction in the January issue of Asimovs. If you feel like commenting, please do so over there rather than here, as I’m currently being spammed …

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