Remainers. Written as a tie-in for the tabletop SF game “Maelstrom’s Edge”. Should appear in 2016 (still waiting for news on this one, so 2017 at the earliest now).

Belladonna Nights. A story in the House of Suns universe. To appear in Subterranean Press’s The Weight of Words, by Dave McKean and William Schafer – sheets have been signed for this one so it should be imminent, if it hasn’t already appeared.

Holdfast. To appear in Extrasolar, edited by Nick Gevers, from PS Publishing. No news on this anthology for a while, but I suppose 2017 is still feasible.

Night Passage. A new Revelation Space novelette, due to appear in Infinite Stars, an anthology of new and reprint space opera, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, from Titan in Fall 2017.